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• 2/25/2017


Who's your favorite synthwave/outrun artist? Which song or album do you think people should check out?
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• 3/15/2017
Alright, lets not leave you hanging. No replies at all, looks a little sad.

Its hard to name just one favorite. So I'll just go with statistics, the outrun album ive listened to the most would be Timelapse by Scattle. So i suppose thats my favorite :D
• 3/20/2017
Oh nice. I haven't heard much Scattle, but I'll definitely check that out. As for me, I'm a pretty big Perturbator fan, so he'd probably be my favorite artist. As for albums, I'd have to say Gunship's album was probably the one I've listened to the most over the past few months. I also love Electric Youth's last album (although they tend to be more straight up synthpop than true synthwave)
• 3/22/2017
Perturbator is great, even got Uncanny Valley on disk. And i very rarely buy CDs.

Well if i would extend my most listened synthwave artist list of the last year it would look like this:
Scattle, GostT, Perturbator, Dance with the dead, Lazerhawk, Nathan Dandy, Carpenter Brut, Power Glove, Daniel Deluxe, Kavinsky, Lost Years, Timecop1983.

Well some more, but lets cut it off here :P
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