Compilation des tous les AMA du sous-reddit /r/outrun.

Artiste Date Lien
VHS Glitch 29-01-2016 I'm synth composer VHS Glitch (AMA)
The Midnight 12-03-2016 The Midnight AMA for Saturday 12th of March 2016 @ 2pm PST!
20SIX Hundred 20-03-2016 20SIX Hundred is HERe to answer your biting questions!!!
Blood Music 05-04-2016 I run the label Blood Music - AMA!
Arcade High 11-04-2016 We are Arcade High - AMA!
12-04-2016 The Game Bakers (Furi Developers)
Tokyo Rider 12-04-2016 Tokyo Rider AMA
Absolute Valentine 19-06-2016 Absolute Valentine AMA
GosT 14-09-2016 Gost AMA
Volkor X 30-09-2016 I am Volkor X. Ask me Anything, OR DIE ! (AMA)
Tommy '86 04-10-2016 I am Tommy '86 - Ask Me Anything! (AMA)
Dan Terminus 16-11-2016 Dan Terminus AMA
18-11-2016 The Rise of the Synths AMA!
Waveshaper 28-01-2017 I Am Waveshaper! AMA
El Huervo 04-02-2017 El Huervo AMA
Lazerhawk 22-02-2017 Hey! Its Lazerhawk! AMA! <3
Botnit 24-03-2017 Hey I'm botnit - ask me anything!
Confrontational 14-04-2017 I am CONFRONTATIONAL. Ask me anything (AMA)!
The 80's Guy 29-04-2017 I am in control of The 80's Guy YouTube Channel - AMA!
neon shudder 22-09-2017 neon shudder AMA!
Timecop1983 25-09-2017 Timecop1983 AMA
EMMETT BROWN 06-10-2017 I'm EMMETT BROWN and try to trick people into thinking I produce Synthwave sometimes (AMA)
Hexenkraft 21-10-2017 I am Hexenkraft, hear me roar. Or Ask Me Anything, that's fine too.
Daniel Deluxe 25-07-2017 Hello. Daniel Deluxe here. Ask me anything. (AMA)
Glitch Black 06-11-2017 Glitch Black AMA
VHS Dreams 02-03-2018 Hi, I'm retro music producer "VHS Dreams". Ask me anything!
The Midnight 04-07-2018 We are The Midnight. Ask us anything.
Hollywood Burns 17-04-2018 Hollywood Burns AMA
MASTER BOOT RECORD 24-04-2018 (AMA) I am MASTER BOOT RECORD and I process heavy metal music using only synthesizers. Ask me anything.
M.A.D.E.S 01-05-2018 AMA - M.A.D.E.S - Motor LP !
D/A/D 15-05-2018 We are Zach Robinson (aka D/A/D) and Leo Birenberg. We composed the music for YouTube Red's "Cobra Kai." Ask us anything!
GosT 29-05-2018 I am Gost. Ask me anything!
Irving Force 18-06-2018 I am producer IRVING FORCE, doing an AMA. Your move, creep.
Gunship 15-07-2018 We are GUNSHIP - ask us anything!
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