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Dream Sequencer is the debut album by synthwave / dreamwave producer, Dimi Kaye and was released on September 18th, 2015. It contains 8 tracks of mid tempo rhythms with synth chords and melodies that create a purely nostalgic and melancholic feeling.

Dream Sequencer is a concept album with the story being as follows:

"The time is 3383. Humanity has reached the point where there are no wars, no hatred, no stress and no worries. Technology made that possible. People have everything they needed and more. Unfortunately, that created a serious problem. As the will to obtain goods diminished, so did the will to advance as human beings. So did the will to dream for a better future. That lead to the end of evolution for humanity. 
In that stagnant future, technology gave the answer once again. A Dream Sequencer where everything is possible, created and maintained by machines, but powered by human feelings. As long as the experience is powerfull, the universal energy created can move the evolution forward again. 

So it begins the story of a man that single handedly saved humanity with his dreams."

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  1. Night Time in the Future (04:25)
  2. Dream Sequencer (04:34)
  3. No More Dreams (04:28)
  4. A New Beginning (03:30)
  5. Floating Into the Unconscious (04:10)
  6. Last Night (03:52)
  7. A Stream of Light (03:53)
  8. Her Promise (04:11)

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