AINOMA is russian dark synthwave and electronic project created by Lex Rif. AINOMA's sound reflects the dark side of the 1980s, its horror, sci-fi and cyberpunk universes. As synthwave project AINOMA started in in January 2019 with album 'Necropolis'.


NECROPOLIS is the first synthwave release of AINOMA. It references the futuristic ‘’Blade Runner’’ soundtrack, atmospheric Brad Fiedel’s synths, disturbing minimalism of John Carpenter’s and other masterpieces of that era. All these inspirations filed as a short soundtrack story about fictional retrofuturistic city. Tracklist:

  1. November, 2019 (3:52)
  2. Action Directe (4:39)
  3. Digital Immortality (4:25)
  4. We Fight For Freedom (3:36)
  5. Nuclear Heart Father (4:57)
  6. The Dead City (5:32)
  7. Things to Come (3:55)
  8. Epoche (synthwave version) (4:13)

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