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Absolute Valentine is a Synthwave producer from Marseille, France. He is known for his involvement in the French Synthwave scene, as well as the connected narrative throughout his discography (seen below). 

Romance, suspense, and a whole array of sound awaits in the Absolute Valentine universe. Taking inspiration from the 80’s masters of storytelling (Ridley Scott, John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, among others), Absolute Valentine hopes to immerse you in his own tale. It is by no means a happy one… 

It all starts with a young couple: “AV” and his unnamed love interest. Life is bliss in Sunset Love (Valentine’s debut album). The Miami palm trees are whistling in the wind. In Police Heartbreaker, the protagonist’s girlfriend is murdered, and he must face the hardships & toils of tracking down the killer. Losing himself is very much an option, as revenge becomes mind numbing for our hero. American Nightmares is a part of this vigilante’s inner psyche, as he is tormented in his sleep. Does the alter ego, known as AV intertwine with the creator? That is very much a mystery... Valentine has gone on to state that the story was not pre-planned, and the evolution of the elements & themes were more so natural.

Stylistically, Valentine has shifted from the upbeat rhythms of Synthwave and Retro Electro to the dreary sci-fi environment that is Darksynth. Although the core 80’s aesthetic and synth techniques are still very much present throughout his discography. Coming into the Synthwave scene in 2013, Absolute Valentine has gone on to do live tours with musician such as Waveshaper and FacexHugger. He has also collaborated with fellow Marseille artist, Niky Nine, as well his various label-mates on Lazerdiscs Records (often mastering the Lazerdiscs compilations/ Stilz LPs).   

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