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History Edit

Arcade Summer is an established artist who joined the synthwave scene at the beginning of 2015. Writing music on the PC since 1996 much of his music has an uplifting feel good slant but some contrasts this directly with heavy dark synth bass and disturbing horror synth.

Arcade Summer is technically a piece of hardware Vordreque8000, a chip, which used to be part of a larger human-like machine. A machine with enough human elements to feel lost between the emotional and digital worlds. Carers and other associated entities began fighting over the management of this sophisticated music machine near the end of 2016 which lead to the supposed primary producer Max Fox being brutally murdered. An argument which went terribly wrong after his unauthorized dismantling and transportation of V8000 to Australia. For over a year there was nothing produced and music was taken down from NRW and the Soundcloud account shut down with many thousands of followers left bewildered with unanswered questions.

Since then the chip has been reactivated using Eprom programming equipment and the Arcade Summer project is now in the capable hands of Brad Ritz. Brad Ritz works alongside Arcade Summer producing preset packs and tutorials for The Patch Bay.

Discography Edit

Albums Edit

Arcade Summer - Arcade Summer (début album)

EPs Edit

Arcade Summer - Fastlane Fox EP

Arcade Summer - Tunnels of Steel EP

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Arcade Summer - Charge Man (Megaman Compilation)

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