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DJ Ten is a producer/ DJ from Brooklyn, NY who is best known for his 80's inspired albums "Retrological", the "Zioneon EP", and "Retrological 2.0". All were released independently and attained notable success worldwide. The "Retrological" sound is influenced by many musical genres that span from UK Garage, 80's Synthpop, 80's Freestyle/ breakbeat and Hip-Hip. The second album featured guest appearances and vocals from Keith Masters, Dana Jean Phoenix, Money Marley, Frankie Delaska, Blokkmonsta, Scarlet Weapon, Dead Astronauts, Trevor Something, The Boy & Sister Alma, Bourgeoisie, Rio Nova, Femmepop, and Leiah Nicole.

Nowadays, DJ Ten is known primarily for his role as the owner of "NewRetroWave", the synthwave behemoth through which the general public is often introduced to a more comprehensive understanding of the genre. Recently, his newest release "Trinity" was released as a conclusion to his Retrological series. It is his first album after a 4 year absence. “Viral Lust,” featuring Trevor Something, is the first single from that album.

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