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By manner of atmospheric synths and a pounding guitar, you have entered the haunting embrace that is Gregorio Franco. 2013 marks his inception into the world of Darksynth (merely a year after the genre was “established” in 2012), but the music does not start there. Over the last 5 years, Gregorio has been focusing on this project, his Dungeon Synth side project- DRONN, as well as playing guitar/ background vocals for DROPOUT (which produced two studio albums from 2012 to their cessation in early 2018). DRONN’s signature gothic style is energetic and eerie, complete with chapel organs and old-timey harps. The sound is envisioned as Neo-Classical & symphonic, with a high fantasy RPG direction in mind. Gregorio has been at it for over 15 years in Atlanta based metal bands, such as: Let The Night Roar, Gray Ghost, Überchriist, Phalanx, Creation’s End, and Liar’s Parade [to name a few].

Gregorio has drawn upon bands such as Entombed, At the Gates, His Hero is Gone, Catharsis, and Dismember to create the heavy essence in his work. While very different stylistically, the soundtracks of John Carpenter and Alan Howarth have also given him inspiration. Their mentality of driving stories and building upon the emotion with sound can be found in Greg, too. While the music itself is harsh and brooding, Gregorio does find joy in being able to craft these universes with chords & melodies and allow the listener to interpret these fantasies in whatever manner they so choose. 

Gregorio actively tours in the southeast United States (in and around Atlanta). He has gone on to do live shows with GosT, Dance With the Dead, Dan Terminus, Daniel Deluxe, and Street Cleaner. In the summer of 2018, Greg made his way to Los Angeles to take part in the Outrun the Sun festival. Franco is no stranger to collaborating on Synthwave compilation albums. He has dropped tracks on 30 Years Later - An AKIRA Tribute, Dark Nights II, Stranger Synths Vol. 1, and Maybe Sometimes People (by MTN ISL).

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