MPM Soundtracks is a very early synthwave producer who made 80’s styled retro synthesizer music. He also released music under the name of Multipac. He used the synth1 free virtual synthesizer for all his retro sounding productions. He was originally part of the Rosso Corsa label.

Unlike most well known synthwave musicians, MPM never released any official Ep's or Albums. He did release around 40 individual tracks and began releasing music as early as 2006 on myspace. He only had a few tracks make it on to other's official releases. One was the "Party Up" track from The 80's Dream Compilation, Vol.2. He had a collaboration with Noir Deco on "Journeys". Flashworx made a remix for MPM’s "Summer of 1984" in 2009. He also did a track with Kristine called "A Night Like Tonight" that was released in 2010. Futurecop! ran a remix contest for their "Starworshipper" original (featuring vocals from Diana Gen and Starrset) and MPM won the competition with his remix. That track made it onto The Adventures of Starpony album.

In early 2012, he indicated that many tracks were coming out on 2 separate releases. He later retracted that news and announced his retirement. Later in 2013 he indicated a possible return with some teaser tracks, only to officially retire a second time and pull both his blogs and music from the internet in 2014. It is stated in various Youtube comments that MPM suffers from depression and other's have commented on his bouts of doubt and perfectionism moving to an album format.

Future City Records put out a Tribute Album on Feb 7, 2015 featuring covers and songs by Starforce, Kiile, RF. Extreme, Timecop 1983, Rene H., Europaweite Aussichten, Absinth3, and Sellorekt/L.A Dreams. Later that release was taken down, perhaps by request. He was listed to make an appearance on the Rise of the Synths Documentary. After someone posing as MPM released tracks for a lost EP on Bandcamp in 2017 the real MPM did a takedown and new accounts on Soundcloud, Twitter, and Youtube releasing the tracks for free. Most of his catalog lives on with tracks or collections independently uploaded to Youtube at this time.

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