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  • I am sometimes not a dork. Mostly I am though
  • Bio Film geek with (often) questionable taste, recovering (but not really) goth, gamer, horror movie fan, podcast enthusiast, alarmingly clumsy
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  • Hey man! I got a message the other day from a guy wanting to make a french version, i created the wiki. He went at it like mad. Copied and translated 130 pages in a couple of days. Now setting up all the links.

    Next thing to tackle would be the styling, is there an easy way to copy this? Next to that we will also need your various image headers in french. By which i mean these: Synthwave-Welcome.png

    What font did you use? It looks a lot like Signalnoise's Neo Noire font. 

    Now that im getting some help i feel like getting on with it again. I'll also start incorporating and linking it up with the reddit more. For instance make a list of Reddit AMA's here on the wiki, from there link to the artists wiki page and to the AMA on reddit. We need more space in our sidebar, its currently filled to the brim. And at the same time this would highlight the wiki. :)

    I hope you can find the time to help us here.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Now that i dove into the wiki a bit further I really see what a great foundation you've layed so far. Adding pages is the easy bit ;)

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    • Hey man, thanks! I really appreciate that! Sorry for the late reply, I've just been super busy lately. Thanks again for all the fantastic work you've been putting in!

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    • Np man and you dont need to thank me so much lol.

      I would also love to have you on the synth discord (700+ members) where we also created a special channel for #wiki related stuff. There is some stuff to discuss from templates, navigation to many smaller things. It would be nice to have a central (live) chat with everyone involved.

      Invite link:

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