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Conceptualized in Los Angeles, CA., USA in 2019, Night Motion is an International Synthwave project composed of Shane Cormier of Los Angeles, California, vocalist Ben Pryer of West Sussex, England, Turkish keyboardist Akif Öz and Ukrainian guitarist Artem Efimov. The band was formed as a result of songwriter Shane Cormier discovering Artem Efimov online and collaborating on several early 80's inspired tracks.

According to the Radio Indie Alliance, Night Motion's debut single 'Take Me There' is currently #3 in the Indie Radio Charts for the week of May 13, 2019. 'Take me There' has also been featured weekly on the FM Pop radio show Synth City, hosted by Rob Harvey which premieres on Phoenix 98FM in London, England. Night Motion has also been featured on UK college and popular online radio stations including Neon Drive Radio, NCCR radio and more.

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