PolarisRadio is a synthwave musician from New Zealand, formerly known as Race to Polaris.


PolarisRadio began as Race to Polaris in 2015, after spending many years refinining his production and instrumentation in a range of other genres including Drum and Bass.[1]

His first album, 4909, was released on January 6, 2017. 4909 was reissued in September 2018 as 4909: Infinity and included two bonus tracks in addition to being fully remastered.[2] 4909: Infinity is the first chapter of what is known as the 'Supercity Trilogy' - consisting of 4909: Infinity (2017), its follow-up album (and thematic prequel) Breakneck City (2017) and the forthcoming Virtual Paradise (2019) [3]

Race to Polaris rebranded as PolarisRadio in February 2019, citing difficulties with the length and memorability of his former alias.[4]


Studio albumsEdit

  • 4909: Infinity (January 2017, Self Released)
  • Breakneck City (November 2017, Self Released)
  • Virtual Paradise (Forthcoming 2019)


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