Shane Cormier is best known as the manager of the Synthwave band Night Motion.

Background Edit

Inspired by bands such as Gunship, The Midnight and FM-84, Cormier created and developed the band Night Motion in 2019 in Los Angeles, California after several years of being absent from the music industry. He formed the band soon after writing and producing the song titled Take Me There with Ukrainian producer Artem Efimov.

In April 2019, Shane discovered English Pop singer Ben Pryer while browsing the online freelance marketplace Fiverr. According to Cormier, Ben was initially hired to only record vocals for the single Take Me There but was quickly re-imagined as the full time vocalist for Night Motion. The following month, Turkish musician Akif Oz was brought into the group. By May 10, 2019, Cormier had developed the core elements of the band to include Ben Pryer, Keyboardist Akif Oz of Turkey and Ukrainian guitarist/producer Artem Efimov.

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