Timidus is electronic music producer and also published philosophical fiction writer. His style derives from genres like synthwave, darkwave , trip hop, post rock. His music usually has melancholic, aggressive and dreamy feelings. Timidus is a music project that do not tries to stick with one style or genre and tries to discover brave new sounds and unexplored territories. It is also a DIY project, from song covers to producing, mixing and mastering all have done by Timidus.

Some of his inspirations for music are Carpenter Brut, Magic Sword, Wax Tailor, Dance With the Dead, God Is an Astronaut etc

His music has always been and will always prefer nothingness over being..[1]

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  • The Man Who Sleeps (June 2018)
  • Escape From Freedom (April 2018)
  • Dosed and Confused (May 2018)
  • Kurt Cobain Died Today (July 2018)
  • Devil's Fire (August 2018)

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